hinter jedem Buch steht eine Geschichte

Dear Reader,

Many thanks for your continued loyalty. For the past five years Jellybooks has operated a book discovery service experimenting with new ways of presenting books and exploring them through samples. The world has changed a lot in this time, and three years ago we started focusing on reader analytics and how people read books. This has led to major changes in the service, and we now make either complete books (Advance Reader Copies) or super-sized samples available in exchange for your reading data.

Sadly, this means that we have to discontinue out “legacy” experimentation with book discovery and as a result we closed this page on 31 August 2017.

Please do sign-up for our mailing list if you want to participate in our frequent test reading campaigns where we make complete books and super-sized samples available, often months prior to the publication date.

Happy reading,

Team Jellybooks

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